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              Sept 3rd through 19th, 2015


Remember that film with Olivia Newton John? No, not that one... the other one... with Jeff Lynne and ELO... yeah, and Gene Kelly in his final film dancing performance... Yes, Xanadu!   We will be presenting
a parody/tribute to this musical extravaganza...  NO this isn't the Broadway version... it our own....


StageWorks Ink and TriptheDark are joining forces to bring you an amazing new show filled with Magic,

Music & Movement… Incredible Dance pieces mingled with a stellar Soundtrack by ELO and Olivia Newton-John, and some of the best Portland talent.  


Each of these companies are known for innovative and inspiring productions. This show is no exception. 



            SONNY MALONE                    Illya Torres Garner

            KYRA (CALLIOPE)                        Sarah DeGrave

            DANNY MC GUIRE                             Steve Coker


      THE MUSES (Singers)

            TERPSICHORE                                 Kristi Bogart

            THALIA                                             Emily Eisele              URANIA                                          Amanda Healy

            MERCURY                               Matthew Workman

            BACCHUS                                        Josh Edward


       THE MUSES (Dancers)

            CLIO                                            Corinn DeWaard             EUTERPE                                Stephanie Seaman

            ERATO                                              Ashley Long

            POLYHYMNIA                                 Serra Sheldon



          "Electric Liptak Orchestra" James Liptak         

Check out our partner in crime on this show;

TriptheDark Dance Studio!

"                                                            Falling between StageWorks Ink's

                                                              2014 FLASH AH-AHHH and next

                                                              seasons Weird(er) Science, Xana-redU

                                                              is a worthy installation in director,

                                                              Steve Coker's plan to reverse-

                                                              engineer croon able satire from every

                                                              Gen-X cinematic touchstone. The plot

                                                              follows a failed record-sleeve artist

                                                              (the mulleted Illya Tores Illya Torres-

                                                              Garner ) trying to woo the immortal

                                                              Muse of Dance (Sarah DeGrave) by

                                                              opening a vaguely-Olympian-themed

                                                              roller disco with friendly construction

                                                              mogul (Coker in Gene Kelly's last

                                                              role). Coker's streamlined adaptation

                                                              avoids being an overblown kitschiest

                                                              like the recent Broadway version and

                                                              instead follows the original's tone of

                                                              daft exuberance for comedic affect.

                                                              With much of the same cast and crew

                                                              that created last Spring's dizzying

                                                              Flash Gordon operetta, Xana-redU

                                                              smartly showcases the strengths of

                                                              it's source material (solid ELO soundtrack tunes) and talent. Where FLASH AH-AHHH relied on the School Of Rock for proggy instrumental flourishes, Xana-redU employs the continuous choreography of of the local performance group Trip the Dark. It's not always the smoothest fit, but Coker is more of a stately pleasure dome than Gene Kelly and the general flow of bodies in motion hustles scenes ever forward with nimble delight." - Jay Horton, WWeek.


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