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What the heck is "Electric Dreams?"

This show ran May 8th through May 24th, 2014, at the Funhouse Lounge.


Nominated for best Program Design for the 2014 PAMTA Awards.

A clip from "Electric Dreams"

Photos by:

Mike Lindberg

An 80s version of Cyrano with a bit o' Little Shop of Horrors thrown in for good measure. Electric Dreams is a bizarre love triangle between a boy, a girl, and his personal computer... that has come to life.


When introverted architect, Miles, buys a personal computer to help organize his life, he gets far more than advertised. After a bottle of champagne is spilled on the machine, "Edgar" is inadvertently brought to life. To complicate things further, Miles' new neighbor, a beautiful cellist named Madeline, awakens Edgar's romantic circuits through her music, causing Edgar to begin composing songs for her - songs that the love struck Miles claims as his own in order to woo her. Filled with betrayal and unrequited feelings of love he cannot understand, Edgar wages war on Miles in an attempt to expose the truth and claim Madeline for itself!


The original film is filled with cool musical gems that you've never heard from such artists as, The Culture Club, Heaven 17, Philip Oakley of Human League, Helen Terry, PP Arnold, UB40, Jeff Lynne of ELO and Giorgio Moroder.




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