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Cracking' The Code

"You Cant Always Get What You Want... Especially

When You Shouldn't Want It."

A Bromantic Comedy

Log Line:

Bill has never been lucky in love and a recent break-up has done nothing for his confidence. When the beautiful, Victoria, his best friend’s soon-to-be ex wife, throws herself at Bill’s feet, he is faced with a choice; Break the unwritten “Male Code of Conduct” and go for the girl… or run the other way? Or is there perhaps a way to manipulate the situation so everyone can get what they want?



Once Bill recovers from mourning the end of a relationship, he is faced with a new problem.  His best friend, Alec, is getting a divorce.  from Victoria, who declares her love for Bill . 

In his depressed state, Bill, feels he may never find love again and is tempted to accept her affections.  But when is brother convinces Bill to manipulate Alec into sleeping with his own ex, Alexis, it opens the door for Bill to pursue Victoria without losing the friendship.
With reluctant assistance from his obnoxious sidekick, Travis, Bill sets his plan in motion only to have Alexis change her mind about her breakup with Bill.  Will Bill break the unwritten “Bro Code” and go for Victoria?  Or will he try to rekindle his relationship with Alexis?  



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