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StageWorks Ink is an Independent film and theatre company that creates exciting and entertaining stories.  We have several scripts available for production in various genres.      


Feature Film and Episodic Properties


The Adventures of Dex Dixon: Paranormal Dick

A film noir horror comedy musical adventure filled with P.I.s, Puns, Guns, & Gags.

Varsity Cheerleader Werewolves From Outer Space

An 80s teen sci-fi adventure comedy.

Looking For Olivia

A romantic comedy with a hell of a twist! 

Hello, I Love You

A romantic comedy... for the rest of us.

Crackin' The Code

This bromantic self-proclaimed "Dick Flick" tells it from the dudes' perspective of relationships and friendships.

The Last Starship From Earth

Based on the novel by John Boyd, this sci-fi romance thriller has it all

High Concept Comedy Adventures

Romantic Comedies

Bromantic Comedy       Science Fiction 

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