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SATURDAY APRIL 4th 7:30pm: "Three Amigos Live" 


Three silent film actors find themselves pitted against real Mexican

banditos after answering, what they thought was, an invitation to

perform live in Mexico!  Now these three friends must quest to find

the singing bush, summon the invisible swordsman, and survive a

gunfight against the in-famous, El Guapo, and his men to save the

village of Santa Poco!


A song and laugh filled show based on the 80’s film, “Three Amigos!

Family Friendly                                                                           

                                                                                    Click on the image for reviews etc



SATURDAY APRIL 11th 7:30pm:     "Xana-redu!!"


Remember that film with Olivia Newton John? No, not that one... the

other one... with Jeff Lynne and ELO... yeah, and Gene Kelly in his final

film dancing performance... Yes, Xanadu!  A parody/tribute to this

musical extravaganza...  NO this isn't the Broadway version... it our

own.... Xana-redu!


StageWorks Ink and TriptheDark join forces to bring you an amazing 

new show filled with Magic, Music & Movement… Incredible Dance

pieces mingled with a stellar Soundtrack by ELO and Olivia Newton-

John, and some of the best Portland talent.  


Each of these companies are known for innovative and inspiring 

productions. This show is no exception.                                 

Family Friendly

                                                                               Click on the image for reviews etc.


SATURDAY APRIL 18th 7:30pm: "John Waters' Cry-Baby"


There is a class war in Baltimore!  The Squares and the Drapes don't

see eye to black-eye!  Square debutante, Allison, decides to walk on

the wild side and falls for the Drape gang leader Cry-Baby Walker, so

named for the one single tear he allows himself to shed each day for t

he way he and his gang are treated by society.  

This rock n' roll musical is filled with the amazing songs of the

Baltimore Hit Parade and will get your old jalopy's motor running.

Appropriate for 12 and up

                                                                               Click on the image for reviews etc.



SATURDAY APRIL 25th 7:30pm: 

"Varsity Cheerleader Werewolves From Outer Space"

In 1986, shortly after teen roller derby girl, Staci, is moved to a

small town to salvage her future, a parasitic alien race crash lands

in the woods and possess her High School's Varsity Cheerleaders.

Now it's up to Staci, the town's bad boy, Dean, and their grand-

parents to save the school, their town, and the world.

A cabaret-style production featuring sexy cheerleaders, rebellious

youth, evil aliens, 80s music, cabaret dance numbers and puppets!

Parental Guidance Suggested (Language)


                                                                               Click on the image for reviews etc.

SATURDAY MAY 2nd 7:30pm:    FLASH AH-AHHH!!!"


When the Earth is threatened with destruction by the Planet Mongo, Flash Gordon, New York Jets football hero, and his

high school sweetheart, Dale Arden, are shanghaied aboard Dr. Hans

Zarkov's rocket ship in an attempt to save the planet. 

But Ming the Merciless, Emperor of Mongo, has other plans, and

decides to wed Dale before destroying the Earth.  Now, Flash must

avoid the amorous advances of Ming's daughter, Aura, and unite the

warring kingdoms of Mongo to overthrow Ming, save his love and his

planet... And he only has 14 hours to do it all!!!


Added to the show are 14 iconic rock songs by Queen played with

face melting perfection by the School of Rock!

Family Friendly

                                                                               Click on the image for reviews etc.


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