StageWorks Ink's Production team is currently on hiatus...BUT they are hard at work prepping to record a demo album for their original musical production of "The Adventures of Dex Dixon: Paranormal Dick."  We will post more soon!

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Dex Dixon is a paranormal detective at the beginning of the end of his career living in the urban sprawl of Our Fair City.  The people of Our Fair City have no idea they are living on the edge of an inter-dimensional rift just barely separating it from Nightside; a world populated by the movie monsters of old.  

It has been ten years since Dex was exiled from Nightside; and he never expected a mysterious woman to arrive with a case requiring his special skills that will drop him right back into trouble there.  

Now Dex finds himself returning to his old haunts, where he meets an old foe, an old friend and an old flame. 


"The Adventures of Dex Dixon: 

Paranormal Dick" is a Noir, Horror, Comedy Musical filled with puns, guns, vixens, vamps, monsters, music, and mayhem. 

Currently in rewrites for an anticipated production just as soon as humanly possible... for now we are recording a demo of the music to share with you all soon!

The Adventures of Dex Dixon:

Paranormal Dick... The Musical!

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